All Film is made with combined elements. 

I approach Formatting with a strong belief that writers not only can write their own films & videos - but they must also be aware of how to make films & videos.

We are in an age where we own equipment that we could use to shoot our own scenes. We have the ability to link with others and maintain a necessary production connection. We may be part of a co-operative film/video shoot. We writers learn by doing.  This is a changing era - we may tap such change, and follow our dreams.

A reminder that everything in film is a variation of story-teller's writings & musings: Actors write with movement & action. Cinematographers & Lighting Directors write with light. The group writes by tapping applied pattern, & editors write with image and sound & the power of bodily rhythms applied to Nature.

We relax as we understand that a group may work together through choice. Trust your instincts.

The more attention you pay to the elements, the easier and cheaper it is to make any film.

Writers turn out to be, as always, ideal producers & directors. We may all combine forces. It is very much like playing in a sport.

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